Sometimes you just need to hear a song right this second and you don't want to futz about hunting it down on Google. TuneCrawl is a web app that searches songs on Spotify, YouTube, and Soundcloud so you get to listening right away.

TuneCrawl is great for those "I need to listen to that song now," moments because it's fast and only shows you songs that are actually playable. When you get the results, you can click the play button and it'll play right there in your browser. No messing around with Wikipedia entries, blog posts, or anything else. It should come in handy when you really need to get that horrible song out of your head.


Cool Websites and Tools [June 7th 2013]

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TuneCrawl – There are many ways you can listen to music online with countless music services and apps out there for different types of users, both free and paid. The paid ones require registration and your credit card, the free ones usually pester you with annoying banners. If you feel hopeless trying to find one service, check out TuneCrawl. Read more: TuneCrawl: Quickly Find & Stream Music From Spotify, YouTube & SoundCloud

Holiline Reminder – Many of us do not have memories that are good enough to remember the birthday dates of all of the people we know. Similarly there are other important event dates and holidays that we forget about completely. Here to help you not forget about them is a desktop app called Holiline Reminder. Read more: Holiline Reminder: Set Up Holiday Reminders To Be Displayed On Your PC

KeepApp – If you use social services like Twitter or Facebook, you most probably have a separate app for every service to check your feed and keep up with updates. Now you can check updates from all of these services from within a single app called KeepApp. It unifies these social networks into a single timeline. Read more: KeepApp: Check Instagram, Twitter, Facebook & Foursquare Feeds From A Single Place [Android]

Addappt – Maintaining a consistently up-to-date address book on your mobile phone is quite hard. Not all of your contacts notify others (including you) when their contact details change. Over time you might find that some of your contacts information is outdated and you have to update it manually. If you want to automate this process, check out Addappt. Read more: Addappt: Automatically Updates Your Address Book Contacts Information [iOS]

Smooth Key Scroll – Using your keyboard for Internet browsing often leads to a jerky and annoying reading session. On the other hand, using your cursor can sometimes be just too much effort. You may be scoffing at me now, but I’m sure you’ve been in situations where this is the case. With Google Chrome’s Smooth Key Scroll, this is no longer a problem. Read more: Smooth Key Scroll: Use Your Keyboard To Smoothly Scroll Websites

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An incredibly snappy music search engine for SoundCloud, Spotify and YouTube—handy for those ‘I need to listen to that song now!’ moments.

There are many ways you can listen to music online with countless music services and apps out there for different types of users, both free and paid. The paid ones require registration and your credit card, the free ones usually pester you with annoying banners, so they are difficult to use. If you feel hopeless trying to find one service where you could simply go and listen to the music with a single click, check out TuneCrawl. TuneCrawl is a super fast, hassle-free and easy-to-use music service that lets you listen to music from 3 popular music streaming services – Spotify, YouTube and SoundCloud.

Simply go to their website and start typing the name of a song or an artist into the search field. As soon as you start typing you will be getting instant results from all 3 streaming services simultaneously. If any of the results matches what you are looking for, click the blue play button to instantly play the song. It can’t get any simpler than this. You start typing and click to play. No registration, no need to enter captcha codes and no annoying ads.

To hide the player, click the Show/Hide Player at the bottom. For every song there are Twitter and Facebook share buttons, and an Amazon buy link (if you want to legally own the song).


Stream music instantly from Spotify, YouTube and SoundCloud.
Super fast, hassle-free.
Instant search results from 3 services simultaneously.
No registration, no ads, no captcha codes.
Related tools – Tubufy, Tunerec.

Check out TuneCrawl @ www.tunecrawl.com

Oliver Peat

Tell us about yourself.

My name is Oliver Peat and I am currently a Software Engineer. I am about a year out of college now. Building side projects has been a hobby of mine since college. In college, my side projects consisted mostly of android applications. TuneCrawl is the first website that I have done, and really the first side project of mine that has received a lot of attention.

Why did you decide to build TuneCrawl?

As a software engineer, I always look for problems that I could solve with software. Music is a big passion of mine alongside programming, so I decided to start a project that combined the two. Like a lot of people, I stream music from a variety of providers. I like Spotify for its software, ability to use keyboard music controls, and quality of sound. Unfortunately, they do not have a lot of the type of music I listen to, so I found myself hopping around different streaming providers constantly until I could find the song that I wanted to listen to. TuneCrawl sets out to solve this problem, by making listening to a song extremely quick and painless.

It took me about two months of initial development to ship the product. Since then, I have been constantly improving the website based on feedback from the users.

How do you find the time to do this?

I don't have kids or a significant other which gives me a lot more free time than many people. I try to take advantage of this as much as I can while this is still the case. I believe if you are passionate enough about something you are working on, however, that you will find time makes itself 'noticeable.' I guess I will find out if this is true or not in a few years.

What's the technology stack behind the project?

The base CSS is Bootstrap that I modified to my liking. I chose Bootstrap due to it's great flexibility and support for various screen sizes. It looks great whether you are on a 4" mobile screen or a 27" monitor!

The search and results is provided by each music streaming provider's API. I took advantage of their various customization options and used a little bit of my own magic to make the results as quick and relevant as possible.

The "Intro" feature is a really easy to use JavaScript tool called Intro.js by Afshin.

The rest of the site is mainly just HTML5, JavaScript, and AJAX. I tried to stick with these technologies so that mobile devices would be able to use the website without having any problems.

What resources do you recommend for beginners to get started?

I think making something from an API would be great for someone with a basic programming knowledge as a lot of the work is already done for you. Most of the time a company's API is well documented and supported as well, which is a big plus.

We usually only recommend songs here on UPROXX, but what about the ways you can listen to said songs? Sometimes they’re on YouTube, other times they’re on SoundCloud, and Spotify can be a computer-slowing SOB to open. Enter: TuneCrawl, which searches songs on Spotify, YouTube, and SoundCloud, so you can listen right away.

Read more: http://www.uproxx.com/music/2013/04/every-music-fan-should-bookmark-tunecrawl-perfect-for-those-need-to-listen-now-moments/#ixzz2PdNteAV6

(Translated from Chinese to English)

Suddenly want to find on the Internet to play a song, what kind of service would you use it? Today we introduce this online music search service "TuneCrawl.com" allows you to use "Find As" approach to identify direct YouTube, SoundCloud and Spotify three music video site, click the play button to watch, Listen, eliminating the tedious search interface for simple, quick screen allows you to immediately watch movies, listen to music, come try this handy service bar!

TuneCrawl.com is a just released soon, to help you quickly find the right music network services, currently provided YouTube, SoundCloud and Spotify three video site search (but Spotify does not currently provide Taiwan with IP services), providing "With the fight ie looking "approach, allowing you to quickly find songs, songs, is a very good service.

1 first browser to TuneCrawl website, you can see the middle of the screen there is a search box, enter artist or song name to search for.
Official website: http://www.tunecrawl.com/

(2) into the part of the key to start the search, the screen will immediately display the searched results, each film, music, preceded by a triangular "play" button, the name of the bottom there is Twitter and Facebook sharing icon as well as Amazon.com and Google Play store to buy icon (currently Google Play Music in Taiwan can not be used).

3 Press the Play button will appear in the lower left corner of the screen playback screen, you can press the "Show / Hide Player" indication to show or hide the player, while playing you can also continue to search for other songs, does not affect play The playback.

4.SoundCloud is an online music sharing platform SoundCloud music playing, the timeline will be music waveform display, you can use the mouse to click on the waveform to jump to the point in time you want to play.

"TuneCrawl.com" The advantage lies in its ability to quickly search for music and videos, and the site no ads, no registration can be used, like the song on YouTube to find readers who may wish to try TuneCrawl this service, experience superfast find song speed it!

Pandora, Spotify, YouTube, and SoundCloud are some of the common services I use when I need to listen to music. Each one offers something unique based on how I want to listen to music. Pandora knows what I like and I often discover new songs there, Spotify is great for when I need a playlist to match my taste, YouTube is good for music videos, and SoundCloud is my number one source for amazing remixes and song covers. TuneCrawl is a useful little web app for music lovers who, like me, use more than a single service to listen to songs. It lets you search for songs by artist name or by song title across three services: YouTube, Spotify and SoundCloud, from a single place. The songs can be played directly on TuneCrawl via the respective service’s media player.

TuneCrawl is simple enough to use; enter a song title or an artist’s name and hit enter. TuneCrawl is quite fast and will list search results within seconds. The search results are all separated by source. Click the play button next to a track listing to start listening to it.

The player’s visibility can be toggled by clicking the Show/Hide Player toggle at the bottom-left. If you click the title of the song, it will open the source page within the same tab. Songs can be shared on Twitter and Facebook, or purchased from Amazon.

According to our tests, TuneCrawl gives better results if you enter a song title rather than an artist’s name. This is normally not the case when you search on the supported services themselves. It stands to reason that TuneCrawl is using its own search instead of that of the services. The results themselves are limited to just six with no way to load more search results, or even open the search on any one of the services themselves.

TuneCrawl is a consolidated way to search across three services, but it isn’t as convenient as its supported services themselves when it comes to playback. What it needs is a way to create temporary playlists using songs from all three of the supported service. Also, the number of search results it provides are severely limited. The service should allow more search results to be browsed, and perhaps it should consider adding support for other popular services, such as Grooveshark.

Por mucho que la tendencia sea seleccionar un único servicio para cada función que Internet nos presta, es un hecho que la mayoría de nosotros, amantes de la música, acabamos teniendo distintas cuentas registradas en distintos sitios web y nuestras listas en Spotify, Pandora, Grooveshark o SoundCloud. Nos llega pues TuneCrawl con el objetivo de que podamos unir un poco nuestras listas para disfrutar de toda nuestra música desde una misma pantalla.

TuneCrawl nos ofrece la ventaja de poder visualizar nuestras listas en tres secciones: una para YouTube, una para SoundCloud y una para Spotify, separados en tres columnas, y además la posibilidad de reproducir la música desde el mismo sitio web gracias al media player integrado. Podremos buscar artistas y canciones en el mismo buscador de TuneCrawl, que nos mostrará los resultados separados en las columnas de cada servicio. Todas las canciones y artistas pueden compartirse en Twitter y Facebook.

Dado que cada uno de los servicios mencionados nos presta, dentro de su objetivo común, una función única (la opción de descubrir música que pueda gustarnos, la de hacernos buenas listas personalizadas, guardar nuestros vídeos musicales favoritos…), TuneCrawl es una buena opción para organizar nuestras listas y disfrutar de ellas desde un único sitio.

Searching for a song that you want to hear on the next second? Well, there are many ways you can do this; The Option one is Google – but it brings all song history and lyrics, Option two -search on YouTube, SoundCloud or Spotify. Option two is fine, but what if there is a super fast service that is going to crawl among your favourite music services like the YouTube, SoundCloud and Spotify and brings all the results in one page?! That’s going to be nice right?!

TuneCrawl finds songs and provides you with an option to listen to it right away or buy it legally with the Amazon buy link. Ofcourse there are Share buttons too! What you have to do is just go to the TuneCrawl site and start typing your song name or the name of the artist. Results start populating instantly from YouTube, SoundCloud and Spotify while you keep typing, when you find the right match, just click on the blue play button (seen at left of every item)- there comes your song with no hassle and with quick streaming! Remember that there are no registrations required and importantly no ads too! I liked it much! From here on no Google for songs, Just TuneCrawl!

O TuneCrawl é um serviço o qual permite que você encontre músicas na web, especificamente utilizando três serviços primários: o Spotify, Youtube e Soundcloud. Ele é como se fosse um motor de busca específico para procurar músicas nestes três serviços, ao mesmo tempo.

Se você procura algum música difícil de encontrar ou quer ouvi-la no ato, sem ter de ficar procurando pela internet, lojas ou sites por aí, o TuneCrawl faz este serviço de forma mais simples e completa.

Basta escrever o nome da música e os resultados aparecem. E aí, você pode selecionar se quer começar a ouvir a música, assim como compartilha-la em redes sociais. A parte boa fica para o fato de a música simplesmente tocar. Sem precisar acessar determinado site ou serviço.
Organização de músicas e vídeos

Leia mais: http://www.baboo.com.br/2013/04/encontre-qualquer-musica-na-web-com-o-tunecrawl/#ixzz2PdRwFqOb

Os usuários apaixonados por músicas estão sempre buscando canções na Internet, em diferentes plataformas. Para facilitar a vida de quem realiza as pesquisas, o site TuneCrawl encontra resultados de três páginas ao mesmo tempo: YouTube, Spotify e SoundCloud.

Basta acessar a página do TuneCrawl e, no campo de “search”, inserir o nome do cantor ou da música que você deseja. A busca é extremamente rápida e os resultados exibidos são mostrados em três colunas: uma correspondente a cada serviço. Além disso, ainda é possível compartilhá-los via Facebook e Twitter ou comprar as músicas na Amazon.

Para reproduzir o conteúdo desejado, basta clicar no ícone de “play” exibido ao lado dos nomes dos arquivos. Assim, você ouve a canção diretamente naquela página, sem nem precisar abrir outra janela. O site tem um player embutido que reproduz a música para o usuário.

TuneCrawl est un service web très pratique et qui risque notamment d’intéresser tous les mélomanes ou, plus globalement, tous les internautes qui aiment parfois écouter un peu de musique sans avoir à quitter leur navigateur. Pourquoi ? Tout simplement parce que ce dernier va vous permettre de rechercher des pistes dans les catalogues de Spotify, YouTube et SoundCloud, le tout depuis une seule et même page. Grâce à lui, vous n’aurez donc plus besoin d’ouvrir plusieurs onglets pour trouver chaussure à votre pied. Autant dire que le gain de temps n’est pas négligeable, d’autant plus que TuneCrawl ne se contente pas de vous permettre de rechercher de la musique. Non car si vous le souhaitez, vous pourrez même l’écouter !

La journée a été très dur et c’est précisément pour cette raison que vous avez une folle envie d’écouter le Carmen de Bizet. N’ayant pas de service attitré, vous ouvrez donc un premier onglet pour faire une recherche rapide sur YouTube. Manque de chance, vous ne trouvez pas forcément votre bonheur. La faute à la qualité de l’enregistrement de la piste. Pas grave, vous poursuivez votre chemin et vous vous rendez cette fois sur la version web de Spotify. Bonheur et volupté, vous trouvez tout de suite chaussure à votre pied. Il faut dire aussi que Bizet, ce n’est que du bonheur et il est d’ailleurs fort possible que d’autres musiciens aient repris l’opéra tragique à leur compte. Pourquoi ne pas aller faire un tour sur SoundCloud pour voir de quoi il en retourne ?

Rechercher de la musique sur YouTube, Spotify et SoundCloud en simultanée, c’est possible avec TuneCrawl.

Chouette aventure, c’est un fait, mais cette dernière vous aurez tout-de-même pris quelques minutes et il est même possible que cette recherche vous ait contraint à ouvrir au moins trois onglets dans votre navigateur. A la longue, ça peut très vite devenir pénible et c’est précisément pour cette raison que des petits malins ont eu l’idée de concevoir un service pour regrouper ces trois plateformes au sein d’une seule et même page. Ce service, c’est bien évidemment TuneCrawl.
TuneCrawl : une interface simple et accessible

En arrivant sur la page d’accueil de ce dernier, vous allez vous retrouver face à un champ de recherche. Aucune surprise, c’est là que vous devrez caser tous les termes de votre recherche. Ensuite, une fois la requête validée, TuneCrawl va vous afficher un peu plus bas sur la page trois colonnes de résultats : une pour Spotify, une autre pour YouTube et une dernière pour SoundCloud. L’interface, quoi que très minimaliste, s’avère particulièrement facile à prendre en main et chaque résultat sera ainsi accompagné d’un gros bouton bleu qui vous permettra de lancer la lecture de la piste associée dans le lecteur embarqué. Lecteur que vous pourrez d’ailleurs faire apparaître ou disparaître d’un seul clic.

Toujours dans ces colonnes, on trouvera également trois boutons qui vous offriront la possibilité de partager la piste sur Twitter, sur Facebook ou même de l’acheter sur Amazon. Avec une petite commission au passage pour les concepteurs du service, évidemment. Bref, si vous en avez marre de passer des heures et des heures à arpenter ces trois services pour trouver votre bonheur, alors TuneCrawl risque de vous plaire.

Se passam o dia a ouvir música na internet, poderão gostar de ter este TuneCrawl numa tab sempre aberta no vosso browser. Embora seja possível encontrarmos as músicas que queremos ouvir em inúmeros serviços na web (como por exemplo o YouTube), este TuneCrawl simplifica o processo ao apresentar-nos os resultados agregados de vários serviços e que podemos ouvir imediatamente usando o seu player integrado sem sair da página.

Ou seja, se vos estiver a apetecer ouvir Pink Floyd, o TuneCrawl rapidamente vos apresenta inúmeras músicas da banda, no YouTube, SoundCloud, e Spotify... todas a um simples toque de distância.

E sim, também por lá encontram músicas do Tony Carreira... para o bem e para o mal.. :)